Arriving Home

Each week I write about all kinds of things that have been rattling around in my head as I work with clients, from clutter to contractors to kitchen colors.

But no matter the topic, what I am always trying to say is this:

You deserve to live in a place that is beautiful to you, a space that speaks to your soul and makes you feel at home.

When you have such a place to go to at the end of the day-- a place that helps you relax and restore--you have more to give to the people you love, and more to give to the world at large.

This important place (your home) is created one little step at a time (not overnight), it is created through keeping things simple (not by being fussy and spending a lot of money), and it is created by being honest with yourself about what things really make you feel good and therefore have a place in your space.

My challenge to you: find 5 things in your home that you love and make you feel good, and 5 things that you know drag you down. Make sure the lovely things are somewhere prominent--where you can enjoy them. The other 5 things need to go -- their welcome is officially worn out.

The quaint & beautiful cottage paintings seen above can be found here and here.