A Little Help With Your New Year's Resolution

With it being just the third day of 2012, it is only natural to reflect on the year that has just ended,  as well as plan some positive changes we would like to see in the year ahead....

No matter the time of year, or what you are trying to accomplish, I would like to encourage you to think of your home as the foundation for the life you wish to build.

Yeah right, you say. How does that work??

Let's think it over....

Want to lose weight/eat healthier in 2012? An organized, lovely kitchen is a place you can enjoy spending time in preparing healthy meals. When you are no longer fighting with cluttered cabinets and a pantry in which you can't find anything, new possibilities emerge.

How about saving money and /or getting out of debt this new year?? Being able to find things you have already purchased and make use of the things you own, instead of going out and buying a duplicate or triplicate is just a start. Wanting to spend time at home because it feels comfortable, peaceful and relaxing keeps money in your account that would otherwise go to filling your gas tank, filling your tummy at a restaurant, or filling your shopping cart with things you don't really need.

What about personal growth? Want some of that?? With planning and intention, your house can provide you with space for quiet and reflection, a place to gather and organize your thoughts, and a place to rest so that you have the energy to go back out in the world and forge ahead!

Here's to a 2012 filled with peace, health, and prosperity...and a home that nurtures you & helps you be your best!!!


vintage greeting card image courtesy of vintageholidaycrafts.com