Time To Get Outside

Tomorrow my kids have off from school. I, by default, will have off from work. There are so many beautiful things happening in the garden, and I am hoping that we will all get a chance to get outside and have some fun. I am dying to to pull some weeds, clean up the plants that have become overgrown, and make some room for some mums, kale and pansies. Fall is here, and it is time to celebrate!

Getting outside lately has been difficult. We have had rain, followed by drizzle.... And then more rain. Oh, and then it decides to rain again. I am beginning to feel that I live in a suburb of Seattle rather than Philadelphia.

I don't mind the moody overcast sky, but I have to admit I will very much enjoy a less humid air mass. My husband tells me there will be a cool breeze by this weekend~highs in the 60's?? Evenings in the 40's!!! YAY! Perfect gardening weather.

Are you ready to get outside and enjoy Autumn also?