Mid Century Marvelous



I have been busier than a one-armed paperhanger! And this beauty here is one of the main reasons why. I had mentioned a few weeks back that I was starting a new project, and in the midst of picking out tile, among other things...and then I never came back to show you any more. How stingy!

This elevation above is the side of the house you see when you drive up, however it was always considered the back by the architect who originally owned, designed, and lived in this house for nearly 50 years.

This elevation is the one that shows off the true era of the house and its beautiful, modern design.

It has changed hands within the family, and is now undergoing a major renovation. I am so pleased to be a part of its rebirth. There are many neat details around the exterior of the house, and since it was owned by one family for its entire existence, it has held on to much of its original charm.

The gardens are amazing--just couldn't resist this little table of succulents.

There is much to do in the house. The main focus right now is the kitchen renovation, which I will show you next week. For now I will show you some pictures of the Living/Dining room with its fabulous built-ins and fireplace:

Many things are being moved around, cleaned up, and cleaned out. It may look a bit unsettled now, but it is going to be a wonderful & exciting project with marvelous results.