Around the Garden

I haven't had much time to work in the garden these past few weeks, but if I force myself to ignore the weeds, I can appreciate the many things there are to enjoy outside right now.

This old wagon is probably in its last season....rust is getting the better of it. But, the succulents and ajuga are loving it. The containers on the deck have done well this summer, since I chose plants that wouldn't mind being ignored. ahem.



Out front, the plants that put on their best show in the fall are starting to really come to life.

The Sedums are just starting to bloom with large green heads that will soon blush pink, the Hydrangeas are looking like they will be spectacular over the coming weeks leading into autumn as well,

and some houseplants that I threw outside when the weather warmed are just thriving.

"Oh! You didn't die!" is the way I have been greeting them. I am glad I sent them outside, since I have been so busy they probably would have met their maker by now due to my neglect.



It is so hard to believe that we are in the last week of summer already. We have family coming in this weekend to visit and enjoy the holiday weekend. Hope you all are planning something fun and relaxing for the coming weekend also!