Working Out When To Work

It is early morning. Not as early as I wanted it to be, with all the things I need to accomplish this morning...but at least most of the household is still asleep. Nonetheless, I am never completely alone. 

And even when it is perfectly quiet, there is still a bit of a commentary going on....that smug look from across the desk as one settles in for their third nap of the morning.

Summer is here, and this is the first full week that my kids are off from school.  The change in seasons means a change in my schedule too, of course.  It means earlier mornings than during the school year, so that I can get a few hours in before anyone wakes up.  Let's see how this change will work--how I will MAKE it work, and then how I will getting work done, I mean.  An important thing to work out.  It is a real blessing that my work doesn't feel like work.

Oh, that reminds me! I need to figure out when I am going to find time to work out.

Time to get back to work....