New Neighbors!

I know I have mentioned before that I love swallows. Really.  When I see them swooping in the sky, so graceful, spirited, joyful, my heart swells in my chest, a smile creeps across my lips, and often a tear comes to my eye. So, how amazing to find that I have a Mr. & Mrs. Swallow happily setting up their home, preparing for their babies, right in my own yard!

Can you see him there on top of his house? The picture isn't as clear as I would like, and doesn't due the handsome guy justice. Here he is peeking his head out waiting for the Mrs. to come back....

Yes, I know, I really should re-paint their house. Poor birds. I bet all the wrens, robins, jays, and even the squirrels are whispering behind their backs about how that Swallow family is really bringing down the neighborhood with that whole "shabby-not-so-chic" look.  Don't they know that was so last year?!?

Today is my birthday, and I couldn't think of a better gift to have received. What a blessing to see them each time I go visit the garden.