He's Been Workin' on the Railroad

I know someone who has always wanted to own a railroad.  Large, loud machines to move cars, miles of track to maintain, factories to supply, passengers to shuttle, schedules to keep. It is possible to have everything you want in life, if you just use your imagination.

There is a lot to running a railroad.

I mean, this guy is under A LOT of pressure.

He may snap at any moment.

Sure, sure there are the usual grumpy passengers, occasional track washouts, the rare derailed train. Those are petty annoyances.

All can seem so quiet and quaint along this line of track, in this beautiful part of the country.

The serene setting can lull one into submission.

But always at the back of his mind is the Lenape Legend of the Nulhala Mwekane --a creature known for its stealth and insatiable appetite for steam engines.

This engineer must always be alert.

Some dismiss the stories of this beast as pure myth. But is it??

He thinks he has seen some evidence, and felt an unexplained chill on his spine on more than one occasion. His friends think he is nuts--maybe all that coal dust is getting to him.

But hearing thunder when there isn't a cloud in the sky?

Having the strange sensation that one is being watched?

What could all of it mean? I will leave it up to you to answer the questions for yourself....

and take whatever precautions you deem necessary.

(These are photos of my husband's amazing garden railroad in our backyard--Sweetie, we have way too much fun :) )