One Step At A Time

How a house greets guests is spoken in a language that isn't heard, but is definitely felt. Once upon a time, our little house greeted its guests with wet grass and mud in the place of a walkway, followed by an impossibly steep set of imposing concrete steps.

Once at the top, the storm door opened TOWARD you, causing you to have to step backward to make room for the door swing. Fun. Try doing THAT while carrying groceries or balancing a baby on your hip.

No thanks.

If all of these obstacles hadn't deterred you, once inside, the add-on ad hoc front porch enclosure felt like a cave without a purpose. What can one do with a room that is only 48" wide? Do you remember this picture from before? 

Here is another view of the facade from earlier last month, with the addition gone, but the old steps still remaining.

Just last week, the rest of the concrete pad that had been under the front addition was demolished, and a beautiful new set of curving concrete steps with landings were built!

Now instead of feeling as though you have to prepare yourself to climb a mountain, the slope is handled with a more gradual grade, and stair treads that are 12-13" deep. Much more comfortable.

With the more gradual slope, deeper stair treads, and landings interspersed, a visitor can now comfortably approach and hopefully feel that we welcome them!

See the little pot hiding in the corner there? That is just the start of some of the finishing touches that will be put in place in the days ahead to greatly add to the curb appeal.

See you soon!