A Bad Case of the Hiccups

In the past few days, while there has been progress made, it has felt that each two steps forward are followed by three steps back.

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a meal (one you can't wait to dig into) only to have a side dish of hiccups served with it?  Go ahead and take a bite, and a completely unexpected, uncontrollable muscle spasm causes one to spit up and nearly choke at the same time. Under the circumstances even the most delicious of foods can be almost unenjoyable.

So many wonderful things have been accomplished, and yet I just feel like whining. Please forgive me. I would really like to get the house CLEAN and FURNISHED, but there are all of these small issues that keep cropping up and bringing clouds of dust with them.

The bathroom upstairs....the one I have had many pictures of here these past few weeks, is just about finished. I cleaned it last week, and hung the shower curtain.

On that note, I will close for today. I am going to go drink some water while standing on my head or something.