The Picture of Progress

Yes, I know. I didn't keep my promise to post progress photos each Monday....But, it is Monday again, and I am back! Painting has started, and no matter how long I have been doing this, I am always amazed at what a huge difference paint can make.

Here is the alcove in the master bedroom before:

Now with the new color, things have mellowed out and the room to feels more like a place to sleep and relax:

Next Thursday the new carpeting will be installed. I can't wait!!

If you remember from earlier posts, the addition on the front of the house that was an enclosed porch of sorts, has been removed, exposing the true facade and character of our little cape cod. Here is the front room, the living room, when we first had gone to see the house:

We now have cleaned up the cracked tiles that were on the hearth (a new piece of stone will be replacing them), and a new mantel is in place adding some lovely architectural detail to the room. Can you see how much more natural light is in the room now?

The kitchen is a cozy little room, but it was my goal to make the most of the space and have it live as large as possible. The doorway to the dining room was small and cramped...

I felt like I was removed from the rest of the house when I was in the kitchen, and the small doorway heightened that feeling. To improve the layout of the kitchen, we moved the doorway, and when we did so, lifted the header and widened the opening.

Now there is much more light and much less claustrophobia.

Lastly, the first coat of the new paint color has gone up in the upstairs bath. You have seen the "before" before....

The "after", or should I say the "during", is on its way to being a beautiful spa-like blue.

See you next Monday. Truly.