The Master Bath Complete

Back in October I posted some pictures of a Master Bath I was working on. Do you remember this post? There were two rooms, really: a bathroom and a walk in closet. The design that we put in place removed the dividing wall and vaulted the ceiling.  Here is a picture of the room as it looked during construction:

The room was completed in December, and I am so proud of the way it turned out. My clients say they go in there often just to enjoy the room. "Perhaps we should put a church pew in there?", they said to me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure what they meant, but maybe due to the cathedral ceiling and the beautiful view of the trees outside, it actually inspires one to pray??

I only have an image of the finished product that I snapped on my iPhone. It isn't as clear as I would like, and I am resolved to get some better pictures to share with you soon...nonetheless, here is the finished product.

I am especially proud of how the materials all came together to make a beautiful room that is so at home in this structure's wooded setting. The room feels very serene, as my clients had requested, and yet reflects the personality, organizational needs, and tastes of the two people for whom it was created. What a wonderful blessing and opportunity to get to do what I do each day.