Dust, Dirt, and Determination

It has been six weeks today since we went to settlement for our little house.  In those six weeks we have celebrated Christmas, welcomed a new year, sent reluctant children back to school, replaced a roof, gutted two bathrooms & one kitchen, and enjoyed 24 snow storms.

As if 24 weren't enough (well, maybe I am exaggerating a little), we are due to get more tomorrow, although I understand the majority of this storm is supposed to be ice.

Nonetheless, we must forge ahead!

While the outside world remains a frosty white, the inside of the house is a decidedly gritty grayish brown. Encouragingly, though, if you can look past all the dust and dirt, you will see PROGRESS.

Here are a few pictures of the upstairs bathroom. Before.....


and with a new tile floor, and the shell of a vanity. 

I am very excited for painting to start in the next week (weather permitting) and for the kitchen cabinets to arrive. Every little change is great to see, and it will add up to a wonderful result. Don't forget to check back next Monday for the next set of progress photos!