Addition By Subtraction

Things have been moving right along with our little house, and it is so exciting to go and see the changes every day. Here is what she looked like right before we went to settlement:

Her roof was leaky and there was a very strange, poorly built addition put on the front sometime in the eighties, I am guessing, which obscured her lovely brick and true Cape Cod style.  (There were a lot of strange things that were done in the eighties, no? Trust me, I know...)

It was a long, dark and narrow room on the inside, too narrow to be of much use to anyone. In addition, it made the living room on the other side of it much like a cave.

Not a good first impression, for sure.

Her new roof is on, and the enclosure that had been attached to her front is off. Here she is under the new blanket of snow we received on Friday:

Please post some comments! What do you think about the new/old facade??

I will be posting picture updates each Monday, so visit again soon!