The Top Layer

I guess that it is accurate to say that I think of rooms in layers, almost like the stories of  a house. Without each one, something is missing and the whole thing just won't work well as a whole.

The topmost layer of any room can only be considered after all the foundational work is in place. You have started by removing all that you don't want in the room anymore, the paint color has been selected and is on the walls, there is a rug down if needed, the pieces of furniture are there and  in the location you want them.

I find that this is the point where most people feel the room is finished. How untrue!

The picture above is of a room that I have been working on for a wonderful friend and client. Her family room was at this very point this weekend when I arrived with the items to pull it all together.

Carefully selected pillows, curtains, lamps, ottomans, & accessories chosen for their color and style all came in and were put in place.

Wow! What a difference.

Things are layered in and moved around to get the best look. Suddenly things begin to resonate with one another, and the whole thing has cohesion that it didn't have before.

The space looks pulled together and intentional. The way the room feels is enhanced, and you are compelled to go in and take a seat.

Oh, hi, Rupert!!

The top layer is in place and, of course, a friend to enjoy the room with is the cherry on top!