A Saturday Drive

You know, sometimes you just have to get out of Dodge--even if it is only  for a few hours and not all that far from your own town. Getting out of the house and seeing different surroundings can be so refreshing.

And there is nothing like taking a stroll out in the fresh air with one of your favorite people in the world.

Even in the early days when it was just the two of us, my husband and I would  jump in the car and drive somewhere out in the country. My husband likes to explore old railroad grades and towns, and maybe ride a tourist railroad....

And I, of course, love the buildings and the HOUSES!

I always have a soft spot in my heart for the ones that seem a little lost and forlorn. In our family it is known as a house that "needs a friend."....Boy, wonder who would want to do that?!? OOH, just give me a chance!

The shadows are growing long, and we drive back home tired and happy....

and look forward to our next adventure.