There Is No Place Like Home

No, this isn't my latest project. And sadly, there won't be a fantastic "after" picture at the end of this post.

"Home" is a powerful word, and an idea that evokes many emotions. It was all Dorothy wanted after her amazing chance to meet The Wizard, and it is the place we can't wait to see coming around the corner, even after enjoying a terrific vacation. A house can be our "shelter from the storm", our hope for the future, our investment in many things.  I think that is why I find the pictures of the empty and decaying houses of Detroit, America's "shrinking city"(read more here), so poignant.

I have said many times that our family's house is indeed a member of the family, one that we diligently care for and love. The rhythm of our day-to-day life is played within its walls. It is the place where my son will outgrow the low eaves in his attic bedroom in the not-too-distant future. It is the place where we at times fret, but more often celebrate our good fortune and countless blessings.

Not all that many years ago, these homes were pristine and plumb. Families were proud to open the front doors wide to friends, and spent their Saturday mornings tinkering in the front garden.

I wonder what hopes and dreams and memories are left to decay in these empty shells?

You can see more of these poor old souls here.