Down A Winding Lane....

I have the best job in the world. No, really. I do. You will never be able to convince me that your job is better than mine. Go ahead and TRY.

Just a few Saturday mornings ago, while the birds were singing and the sun was shining, I climbed into my Honda with my travel mug full of hot coffee~off to pick exterior paint colors for an amazing little historic house tucked away on a winding, tree-lined lane.

Before Paint

The owners are diligently working to bring the charm back to their lovely house, and revive the architectural detail that has been stripped from it over the years. I had spent the time before I met with my new clients researching the type of house they have and gathering ideas based on its style--possibly indicating how their house may have been painted in the past.

An understanding of your house’s architectural style is your best friend when you are hoping to kick up your curb appeal, wanting to select paint colors, or deciding on roofing, siding or other exterior materials. Knowing what is appropriate helps you to make choices that look pulled together and intentional.

This house is a beautiful cottage built during the Victorian era, but with the influence of the Dutch Colonial style of architecture. In addition to a certain palette and placement of colors, my main suggestion to these homeowners was the addition of a shake siding to the front gable, (or “Gambrel” in this style) to add appropriate texture and detail. Here is an example of a modern house that has similar influences:

Do you know what style your house is? Check out this link about house styles, and get some ideas and inspiration for your next exterior project!

p.s. make sure you check back soon. As soon as the painting is finished, I will post the “afters”!