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Do you remember the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears?

It had all my favorite elements, after all: an adorable house, a variety of small, medium & large furniture to choose from, and an admirable girl (minus the breaking and entering part) who was compelled to keep looking until she found the solution that was “just right” –a quality that can be all too elusive in our own homes day in and day out.

Spaces that are “just right” are different for each person, and finding that unique mix for YOU is my passion. Figuring out what really feels like home, and helping my clients to make that a reality where they live, is a real game-changer. Living in a nurturing, beautiful, balanced home that helps you tell your story and put your best foot forward out in the world…well, there is nothing else like it.

And once you have experienced it you will never want to live in just any old house again. 

I am a House Whisperer— not an interior designer—which means my focus is on helping you to figure out why your home has maybe never truly worked for you, never felt particularly welcoming or nurturing, and certainly has never made your heart sing when you walk through the door at the end of the day. 

A house that is gorgeous to the eye, but doesn’t do anything for the soul can certainly impress the neighbors…but does nothing for you in return.  

A house that is bland, boring and/or frustrating to its inhabitants is a real energy drain day-in & day-out. 

BUT the house that is soul-filled and feels like YOU is something that elevates the everyday, makes you feel proud to share it with those you love, and just feels like HOME. 

I work for smart, passionate people who, despite their zest for life and mad skills, find themselves living and working in places like these-- drab, outdated, uncomfortable, and/or frustrating surroundings. Because I understand how feeling drained and frustrated by where you live can hold you back on so many levels, I founded Revealing Redesign in 2006, and ever since have helped my clients create spaces that are nurturing, beautiful, and truly “just-right.”

I look forward to connecting with you via my blog and newsletter, and hope that the advice and inspiration you get there will help you start to create a home that makes your heart sing.