Tomorrow Is A First!

HOORAY! It’s time to say goodbye to Old Man Winter!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!

And I am willing to bet that much of the time you’ve spent on your front step or porch lately has been time spent shoveling... ugh and ICK.

Enough of that already.

It is time for clear skies, bird songs, and sprouts of every sort. 

Springtime is a perfect time for our Quick Assignment of the Month!

Grab your timer, your broom, and your best tune to whistle. I'll meet you on the front porch!

1.    Set Your Timer: for 15 minutes. Start your timer and grab anything and everything that is on the front porch that says "winter" (practically a dirty word at this point). No lingering pine cones, dead evergreens, decorations with snowflakes (what were we thinking?!). And for goodness sake, grab the snow shovel that is still propped there. Put all of these things away wherever they go — either in the trash, a storage bin, or in your car to donate.

2.    Next, it’s time for a clean sweep. Lift up the mat, pull out your porch furniture, get behind the pots and sweep out those old dead leaves and drab winter grit. 

3.    Be sure you are whistling. Yes, it is required.

4.    Before the timer goes off, straighten the chairs and put things back in place. Be sure to step back and admire your work.

Congratulations! You have created a more welcoming entry for visitors, for yourself, and your family. 

FOR EXTRA CREDIT: Stop at your local garden center and treat yourself to a happy little six-pack of pansies. 

Plop them in your planters or in the ground near your front door. They don't mind the cold, and will greet you with cheer and color from now until summer.

Remember, these assignments are supposed to be fun-- not overwhelming! So set your timer and have fun. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

I hope that this month's assignment puts a smile on your face, as well as a song in your heart--whistling while cleaning is one of my favorites! :) 

Share your before and after photos on my Facebook Page, and tell us about your sweeping adventure

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