A Before & After Just for the Holiday Weekend!!

If you are anything like me, you may be dreaming of all the time you hope to spend outside this holiday weekend. YeeeeHAW!!!

But sometimes our outdoor spaces may not be the spaces of our dreams...


Porch Before.jpg
Porch Before 2.jpg

But, take heart! With a little vision and elbow grease, things can be turned around quickly!

My client knew that she wanted a colorful, stylish area that was beautiful and comfortable for her whole family to enjoy.

They already loved the screened in porch, but wanted it to look so much more pulled together than it did when they first purchased the home. 

So we got to work, and take a look at how it looks now...

Porch After.jpg

So what changed out here? First, we removed the tired outdoor carpet, painted the concrete floor, and added a bright & cheerful outdoor area rug to anchor the seating area. 

We then topped it off with a new wicker seating set, brought in colorful pillows, twinkle lights, fresh flowers & live plants...and now it really feels like a space you could LIVE in this summer!

Porch After 2.jpg

Happy Memorial Day, dear friends! I hope this inspires you to make your outdoor space exactly what you are dreaming of this season. 

A Quick Before & After!

It is always a great joy to me to be able to work on a house that is a bit of a fixer upper...

family rm before.jpg

And we have been having so much fun working on this house, top to bottom, for almost two years now!

Most of this house had not been updated since the 80's, and my clients were excited to freshen things up and give the spaces a modern, clean look. 

(You may remember the basement redo we completed a couple of months ago, and I am excited to show you more spaces that have come together in the weeks ahead!)

Above is the family room as it first was back in the summer of 2016...

And here it is now, with its new lease on life. :)

Family Room After 2.jpg

Keep your eye out for future postings! We just completed photos throughout this lovely home, and I can't wait to share them with you soon!

You'd better not mess this up...

What kinds of kind, encouraging stuff do you say to yourself (I bet it is really, really good!) when you are starting a new project around the house? 

I bet you say things like: 

"You got this, girl! This is going to be awesome!"


"I can't wait to do this! This is going to be easy and I am going to make this beautiful!"

WAIT A MINUTE. Why are you laughing??

Okay. So, I admit it.  I KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO YOURSELF is ANYTHING BUT KIND AND ENCOURAGING when you contemplate making changes around your house.

How do I know? Well, you have told me in many, many ways. 

I see the uncomfortable looks I get when you ask me a question about clutter. I see the sweat on your brow when you answer the door--you have been rushing around trying to pull things together before I arrive. You have told me the stories about all the things you have done in the past to make your rooms more livable--that didn't work out how you hoped, kinda fell on their face, and took the wind out of your sails--

 and you have even said things like:

"Shouldn't I just know how to do this by myself??"

Maybe you have been living in a house that has been disappointing you for years, with its drab rooms, stuff stacked in corners,  and lack of pulled-togetherness...

and you have been blaming yourself the whole time, since, you know, you're just supposed to know how to do these things...like intuitively, like without any effort, AND IN YOUR ABUNDANCE OF SPARE TIME. 

uh. no. 

I am here to tell you that it is TOTALLY OKAY NOT TO KNOW how to clear out draining clutter, pick the perfect paint color that will make a room sing, purchase furniture that will fit in a space and create an inviting conversation area, or know what light fixture would be gorgeous over your heirloom dining table (which you're not quite sure why you've kept all these years, because you aren't sure you really ever liked it anyway...). 

Because I know how frustrating draining rooms can be, I just wrote a new little booklet that can help you identify the mistakes we most often make that keep our rooms from feeling like home: 


You can get your FREE copy HERE.  


Go grab yours now, and see how the insights it contains can help you to rethink and rework your rooms in a meaningful way. :)

Good luck and enjoy! Blessings to you dear friends!!!



Making the most of what you have...

Here is this week's little Saturday Morning Inspiration message!

What are the things you love most about your house that you would like to highlight...so you could enjoy them EVEN MORE?? Or maybe there is historic character that you want to make sure isn't lost, even if you are renovating?

This week I am coming to you from my project up in Maine, and I am excited to show you around!