It’s going to be great!! (?!? 😒)

It is going to be great! No really, it is....right?!? 

As I embark on a renovation in my own farmhouse, I wanted to bring you along with me as I start the journey.  Some difficulty, stress & upheaval are all a natural part of making a big change in our bring it on??

Looking forward to sharing the ups and downs that take place in my home in the weeks to come as we re-do our family room. Hope this week's video inspires you to make changes--even with the mess and stress that are an inevitable part of the journey to an amazing result. xo

"What about the big tub that never gets used?" (Before & After YAY!)

Peeking into the original master bathroom that was in place when my clients first bought their house, I saw a room that was original to the 80’s house—

bathroom before.jpg

A large tub dominating the space, a dark cave-like shower, and room for just one vanity…. but lots and lots of potential!

bathroom after .jpg

One of my very favorite things to do is rethink space, and this bathroom was an exciting space to dream about and makes plans for its transformation…

Move a door down a wall, reconsider where a closet is, remove a wall, and suddenly all kinds of new things are made possible.

Bathroom Before 3.jpg
bathroom after 5.jpg

That is just what we did in this room. Because my clients are both hardworking, successful physicians, having a beautiful master bath in which to get ready in the mornings is key—and having that space contain a large, luxurious shower and TWO vanities was essential—but it didn’t seem like there was enough space at first glance.

Bathroom Before 2.jpg

We knew right away that the tub could go, since it would rarely get used and took up tons of space. Without the tub, there would be room for a bigger shower and a window seat (complete with storage for even more function).

Along the adjacent wall, we moved both the small linen closet as well as the entrance to the room so that we could create one long wall where both vanities could go…

MBR After 2.jpg
MBR After 3.jpg

Once the layout for the room was established, we went to work selecting the elements that would make the space feel luxurious and modern—marble countertops and tile paired with beautiful white cabinetry, as well as a a contemporary herringbone porcelain floor to complete the updated look. Blue and white accents tie the room’s palette together with crisp color and pattern.

MBR After 4.jpg

A lovely and fully functional master bath that will be used and loved each and every day!

How to be more confident ♥️

Do you want to feel more confident?

A recent conversation with one of my favorite long-time clients helped me to understand something at a deeper level, and I want to share that insight with you this week. ♥️

When our houses are beautiful, functional, and feel good on a SOUL LEVEL, we show up in a whole new way in our lives—because we feel more confident. 

What an amazing gift to give ourselves!! Watch the video and find out how...