A video from my house....

So, my husband and I noticed recently that a certain room in our house was TIRED, and needing some attention...

That room is our master bedroom--a room that is often overlooked and not given the love and care it needs because we are the only ones who see it. 

We have been spending the past few weeks freshening things up and making our room the cozy, restful retreat we need for our busy, hectic lives-- and it is wonderful to see it coming together. 

SO, is your master bedroom a peaceful retreat, or a place you'd rather not spend time in other than when you are asleep?

I totally get it. I filmed this week's video from my master bedroom to go over a few important things to remember--easy steps you can take that can help YOUR room to add more peace and nurturing to your everyday life...

A Video Diary of My Travels This Week!

What a cool few days it has been! This week I have been on the road, traveling to one of my favorite, long-time client's homes--her family has just moved this summer, and WHAT a NEAT-O new house they are living in!

Here I am loading the car and getting ready to leave the other morning...

And here I am with Melissa, after our long but oh-so-fun day of putting her furniture in place:

Just so you have a sense of the space as it was, here is a quick shot of the room before the new paint went in and with the previous occupants' furniture:

and when I first arrived on Tuesday:

Finally, just before I left yesterday, we did a quick video to show all that we did over the previous day and a half at this neat-o converted church, now her home.❤️

And make sure you wait for when the whole room shifts 90 degrees--it's amazing!! 😜

These kinds of projects are such a joy to work on! Hope you enjoy these little slices of the experience--and that they inspire YOU to think of your home differently!!

{VIDEO} We all make mistakes, right?? (part 2)

I know you can picture it...

You are so excited because today is THE DAY! The day that your new furniture is to arrive!

What could possibly go wrong? It looked so beautiful in the store after all, and you felt confident that it would be gorgeous in your home...but after the delivery men leave and the box truck pulls away, something doesn't feel quite right.

This week we talk about another common mistake that costs us comfort and balance in our homes. Watch the video and see if you can recognize this problem in your own house!

{VIDEO} We all make mistakes, right?

Back in the first days that I owned my old farmhouse, I loved nothing more than to go to our local auction for their Wednesday night gatherings, and bring home a car-full of wild and unique vintage pieces. I would proudly show them off with animated gestures to my weary husband as he kindly helped me unload my little station wagon in the dark of night.

And then, still so excited from my successful shopping trip, I would get busy squeezing them here and there, into rooms that already contained far too much furniture from each of our families, and our college years, as well as all those other wonderful Wednesday night follies. :) 

Through my mistakes in those early days, I learned a lot-- both about my personal style as well as what things make a house feel good to those who spend time in it...

I'll give you a clue--cramped quarters isn't one of them. 

Hope you enjoy this week's video, and that you will take on the assignment I give you at the end! Your house will thank you for it. 

(P.S. watch to the end and see who has been sitting with me the whole time, lending moral support as I recorded the video <3)