It can take a little while...and that's ok.

Yep. That's the wall above the little sofa in my sitting room here in my house. 

The blank wall. 

Sometimes known as the blankety-blank wall.

The room has been finished for months. Well, mostly finished, except for whatever is meant to be hanging over that damn loveseat. 

For the holidays and our Holiday Party there was a lovely fresh wreath there that made my heart sing.  Everything I have tried hanging on that lonely, empty nail after that beautiful evergreen thing faded and browned...well, not so much. 

I am writing this today to let you know (and remind myself) that this. is. okay. Sometimes these things can take a little while. Rooms are built over time, after all, and I have learned that when an element in a space (or in my life, for that matter) isn't falling into place the way I would like it to, I just have to have faith and wait.

As frustrating and boring as sitting around may seem, most often I find in these situations something really great--a creative idea, an ingenious solution, an "oh WOW" element-- is waiting to be born...and it just isn't time yet

Rooms and houses that really say something about their inhabitants, and the ones that truly nurture the people that live there, rarely happen all at once or on a strictly imposed schedule. Spaces that are forced into being finished can look more like contrived furniture store vignettes, and nothing at all like a home that is alive with soul and personality. 

So, if something doesn't feel right in your house--you aren't sure how to proceed & nothing seems to be clicking into place right now--just wait a tick. Something amazing is sure to be around the next corner, a complete "YES!" that was totally worth waiting for.