A Cozy Room For You On This Cold, Windy Day :)


I don't know about you, but I feel like I can't get warm today! 

SO, what could be more fun than looking at a room that makes us feel warm and cozy? :) That always makes me feel better :)

Over the summer, I was contacted by a client who knew she wanted to change some things around her house---perhaps pick some new paint colors, make things brighter? Their den, an already lovely room they spent a lot of time in (especially in the colder months), needed some new touches to bring it back to life...


As is always the first step, we talked about things that could be removed from the room to make it more welcoming, such as the large mirror on the back wall that made the room feel dated. Also, some smaller pieces of furniture were removed from the entrance since they made the otherwise large room feel cramped and small. 

A chair that the family loved was brought in from another part of the house--a welcome addition, since it was so comfortable--but it would need a facelift as a part of the room's revitalization.


We got to work finding fabrics, colors, and textures that would add the most important 'top layer' to the space, making the room feel finished and even more welcoming.

Here are the results:

My clients found the beautiful artwork now hanging behind the sectional on their vacation to North Carolina. I love what it adds to the room, and we added further texture and interest with the fabrics for the chair, pillows and new window treatments that soften the space.

The whole downstairs was painted in a new brighter neutral that brings out the color in the stone, and makes the rooms flow beautifully--especially since they are so open to one another. 

Den After 5.jpg
Den After 6.jpg

Simple changes have created a lovely, cozy result that I know my clients will enjoy for years to come!