Creating Kindness & Quiet

I don't know about you, but lately I have been longing for an antidote to all the striving and stressing I have seen around me...

and this morning as I savored my cup of coffee, I had an idea. 

Maybe underneath all of the things we are working so hard to create these first few weeks of the new year--goals we are setting, new habits we are forming-- we also have a deep need for two things: kindness and quiet.

Why these two things? Well, I kind of feel like they make everything else possible. 

With kindness, we understand with compassion where we are right now, even if it isn't where we would like to be ideally. With kindness, we also give energy and love to those around us, strengthening them on their journey. 

With quiet (especially interior quiet), we get a break from our worries and have a chance to relax and allow things to just be.

Did you know our homes can help and support us in our need for kindness and quiet? 

Having a home that nurtures and inspires us, surrounded by things we love, is so very kind. Flowers on the kitchen table, beautiful art on our walls, comfy places to curl up with a book…simple kindnesses that mean so much.  

Being burdened with too much stuff, all of it clamoring for our attention, is distracting and disorienting. Having quiet surroundings--not just quiet as in lack of sound, but also a freedom from the noise of clutter and disarray--helps us to live with purpose and clarity. 

So, whatever your goals are for 2015, let kindness and quiet lead the way. Looking for a way to do just that? My workbook Project Home Workbook: 4 Weeks To A Nurturing, Lovely Home is free for the downloading, and will walk you through four simple weekly assignments, creating kindness and quiet all along the way. Download your copy now, & share the link with a friend for a wonderful & meaningful start to 2015. :)